ARK: Survival Evolved Fjordur Map Guide - Resource Locations, Bosses, and Dinos (2024)

Enter the realm of Norse mythology within ARK: Survival Evolved as you travel through Bifrost and enter Fjordur. Here, you’ll encounter different environments and creatures oozing with Nordic themes. So, continue reading to learn more about the Fjordur map in ARK, including its resource locations, unique species, and boss arena details.

ARK: Survival Evolved Fjordur Map Guide

ARK: Survival Evolved Fjordur Map Guide - Resource Locations, Bosses, and Dinos (1)Fjordur in ARK: Survival Evolved is a free, official, and non-canonical expansion map. It exudes themes revolving around Norse mythology. Players can see and feel the Nordic themes relatively everywhere they explore on this map.Separating this ARK expansion map are four main islands: Bolbjord, Bahleimr, Vannaland, and Vardiland. Each section has a unique environment, separating it from the other islands.Although this map centers around Norse mythology, a section at the coast of Balheimr leads to a Space-themed location, complete with stars and anti-gravity. Additionally, the mystical realms of Asgard, Jotunheim, and Vanaheim are also in Fjordur.Fjordur is also home to the most alpha variants of all ARK: Survival Evolved maps. So, it’s safe to say that this map isn’t ideal for new players and typically requires sufficient preparation before venturing into its islands.Watch the ARK: Survival Evolved Fjordur trailer here to take a quick look at what you can see on this map.

Fjordur Resource Locations

Fjordur is a resource-heavy map. Despite being a challenging map for new and veteran players, it can heavily reward those who wish to explore its different regions with various items.Here are some of the notable resources you can gather in Fjordur and their locations:

Black Pearl

If you’re about to tame a Tusoteuthis, Astrocetus, or Astrodelphis, you must have an adequate supply of Black Pearls. Remember, this item is a preferred food of the Tusoteuthis. Also, you can use Black Pearls to craft the Astrocetus Tek Saddle and Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle. So, head toward 60 LAT, 52 LON in Fjordur for a good amount of Black Pearls for the taking.

Cementing Paste

There’s no shortage of Cementing Paste in Fjordur. But the locations 48 LAT, 75 LON, and 94 LAT, 32 LON have clusters of this resource. Go to those coordinates to gather this material so you can craft items like the Cannon, Vault, Water Jar, and various saddles for different tames.


Although more abundant in the Crystal Isles than in Fjordur, you might not want to miss out on this resource while on this Nordic map. You can use this item to craft different items, like the SCUBA Mask, Gas Mask, and Riot Shield. Find this resource in the Yellow Crystal Cave on Fjordur; the coordinates to that location are 29 LAT, 39 LON.

Element Shard

The Element Shard has the primary function of acting as fuel for different Tek items. In particular, the Tek Light, Tek Turret, Tek Generator, Tek Bow, and Tek Cloning Chamber rely on sufficient Element Shard supplies to function properly.Find this resource in the Fjordur’s Wyvern Trench at 96 LAT, 80 LON. It’s also in the Magmasaur Nest at coordinates 91 LAT, 94 LON.


While in Fjordur, travel to 29 LAT, 77 LON and 15 LAT, 95 LON for clusters of Metal resource-gathering points. Use this material to craft items like the Compass and Ammo Box. Alternatively, smelt it in a Refining or Industrial Forge to transform it into a Metal Ingot. With this refined material, you can craft additional items, including various firearms and explosives.


Obsidian is a required ingredient to craft Polymer in ARK: Survival Evolved. In its raw form, use Obsidian to craft other items, such as the Chain Bola and Cannon Ball. If you need additional Obsidian, travel to 95 LAT, 96 LON for clusters of this material.


Typically, you can find Oil nodes in underwater regions on ARK: Survival Evolved. If you’re in Fjordur, go to 47 LAT, 44 LON, and 55 LAT, 42 LON for many of these nodes.Like Refined Metal, you can use Oil to craft many items in ARK: Survival Evolved. Some craftable items using this material include the Grenade, Soap, Vault, and different crafting stations like the Industrial Forge and Industrial Grinder.

Organic Polymer

The Organic Polymer is a substitute item to Polymer. However, you must use Organic Polymer to craft the Ghillie Suit and Frog Feet, among other items. Search around 53 LAT, 31 LON, and 93 LAT, 79 LON for various Organic Polymer gathering points in Fjordur.

Silica Pearl

Like Oil, you can typically find Silica Pearls underwater. The Silica Pearl is also one of the main ingredients to craft Electronics, which is a requirement to make important items like the Air Conditioner for breeding. So, travel to the coordinates 47 LAT, 44 LON, and 12 LAT, 15 LON in Fjordur for a good amount of Silica Pearls for you to harvest.


Travel to Balheimr, specifically the coordinates 72 LAT, 93 LON, for an abundance of sulfur rocks. Mine these rocks to gain Sulfur, then use that item to tame a Rock Elemental or feed a tamed Phoenix.

Fjordur Boss Arena

At the time of writing, Fjordur in ARK: Survival Evolved is the only free DLC expansion map with most creatures, including bosses, in it. Here, you can teleport to the arenas of the Broodmother Lysrix, Dragon, Megapithecus, and Overseer.Additionally, there are unique mini-bosses, namely Beyla, Steinbjorn, and Fenrisulfr. However, Fjordur is home to the Hati and Skoll arena, the map’s unique boss fight.

Entering the Arena

Unlike other ARK boss arenas, you only need two requirements to enter the Hati and Skoll battleground:

  • Reach Player Level 50
  • 30x Runestone (obtainable by killing Alpha creatures in Fjordur)

Once you fulfill these requirements, travel to the Hati and Skoll shrine in Midgard. Then, make your way to its portal room and interact with the terminal. If successful, you’ll enter the boss arena.


Hati and Skoll will immediately charge toward you and your tames at the beginning of the fight. However, each mythical wolf has its unique ability.Hati, in particular, summons low-level Fenrirs as minions. On the other hand, Skolls sends a spectral form of itself, charging toward you.Most of the fight is about Hati and Skoll reusing these abilities until the battle ends. But it’s a good idea to target Skoll first before Hati since that creature has less maximum health than the other.


Winning the Hati and Skoll boss fight will yield the following rewards:

  • Hati Relic
  • Skoll Relic
  • Element (15 units for each boss)

Hati or Skoll may also drop other items, including the Pump-Action Shotgun and Riot Armor. You may also obtain various saddles for different tames after defeating these bosses.

Unique Creatures on Fjordur

Despite the vast array of creatures to find in Fjordur, it’s also home to unique creatures. The unique creatures you’ll only find on this map (excluding Hati and Skoll) are the following:

  • Andrewsarchus
  • Desmodus
  • Fenrir
  • Fjordhawk
  • Rubble Bear
  • Beyla
  • Steinbjörn
  • Fenrisúlfr
ARK: Survival Evolved Fjordur Map Guide - Resource Locations, Bosses, and Dinos (2024)
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