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Tips for Finding an Apartment in Frankfurt

Finding the right serviced apartment in Frankfurt isn't hard, but it takes a bit of time to search the city's different neighbourhoods. While Frankfurt is not a huge city, there are many characteristics to choose from, from the nightlife of Sachsenhausen and Bornheim to the family-friendly streets of Höchst. Feel free to explore, get a feel for Frankfurt, and rent an apartment in a district you would like to call home.

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  • Living in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

    Sachsenhausen has a bit of everything, with world-class museums dedicated to Jewish history, ancient sculptures, film, and art alongside welcoming pubs that serve Frankfurt's beloved Apfelwein, and plenty of clubs. And thanks to the Uniklinik, the university hospital, it's also a youthful, student-friendly place to live.

    • The Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen Neighbourhood

      Sachsenhausen suits a younger crowd, thanks to its eateries, nightlife, pubs, and proximity to the university. Students and young singles will find it meets their needs, but anyone who loves museums and wants a rental apartment in a central location should consider Sachsenhausen as well.

    • Rent Prices in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

      With its central location and range of amenities, Sachsenhausen isn't the most affordable place to find apartments for rent in Frankfurt. Rents average around €1.050 - €1.550 for a furnished one-room apartment due to the abundance of high-quality accommodation.

  • Living in Frankfurt-Höchst

    Located about 10 km west of Frankfurt itself, Höchst is more of a satellite town than a suburb. It has a culture of its own, with the hugely popular Höchster Schlossfest featuring amusem*nts, theatre, food, and music, as well as landmarks like the St. Justin’s Church.

    • The Frankfurt-Höchst Neighbourhood

      Höchst is full of young families and younger people in general, with around a third of the population aged 25 or younger. It's an ecologically-oriented neighbourhood, with abundant green spaces, houses for rent, and good infrastructure for families.

    • Rent Prices in Frankfurt-Höchst

      Because it's quite far from the centre of Frankfurt and its business district, Höchst is a relatively inexpensive place to find rental apartments. Rent prices average between €900 - €1.400 for furnished one-room apartments, which is very affordable for the Frankfurt area.

  • Living in Frankfurt-Bockenheim

    Bockenheim is a short distance northwest of Frankfurt’s city centre, but it feels a world away from the business district, with a relaxed, cosy vibe and a multicultural population. Students are a big part of the community, thanks to the large Goethe University campus. The architecturally imaginative Bockenheimer Warte U-Bahn station also provides quick access to the city centre.

    • The Frankfurt-Bockenheim Neighbourhood

      Bockenheim is a wonderful neighbourhood for students studying at the Goethe University, but it's equally suitable for young professionals and couples who want a relaxed area which has plenty going on in the evenings.

    • Rent Prices in Frankfurt-Bockenheim

      Bockenheim’s convenient central location keeps rent prices relatively high. The average rent prices are €1.080 - €1.550 for a furnished one-bedroom apartment.

  • Living in Frankfurt-Bornheim

    One of Frankfurt's most sociable neighbourhoods (and once the red light district), Bornheim is the kind of place where visitors can easily join a Karneval club dedicated to organising annual carnival celebrations to get to know the locals. The central street Berger Straße is studded with cider houses and clubs, and Bornheim in general has a party atmosphere.

    • The Frankfurt-Bornheim Neighbourhood

      Despite being a fun-loving district, Bornheim isn't only populated by younger people. In fact, it's one of Frankfurt's most mixed neighbourhoods in terms of ethnicity, income, and age. If you love to meet new people you will be in good company here.

    • Rent Prices in Frankfurt-Bornheim

      Anyone looking for affordable short-term flats in Frankfurt should consider Bornheim. Average rent prices range from €1.130 - €1.600 for a furnished one-room apartment. In comparison to other districts it is quite affordable.

  • Living in Frankfurt-Innenstadt

    Located in the centre of Frankfurt, the Innenstadt (which translates to downtown) is home to iconic landmarks like the Eurotower and the Opera House. It's very much a shopping nexus, with boutiques and chain stores on Die Zeil and Freßgass, which also hosts Frankfurt's most upmarket eateries.

    • The Frankfurt-Innenstadt Neighbourhood

      The Innenstadt caters brilliantly to business visitors with a slightly larger budget and a taste for premium food and shopping. It covers all the bases: entertainment, convenience, high-quality housing, and security, making it ideal for people on work placements in the city.

    • Rent Prices in the Frankfurt-Innenstadt

      Unsurprisingly, the Innenstadt is Frankfurt's most expensive place to look for furnished accommodation. Rents in the area average between €1.300 - €1.800.

Furnished Apartments Frankfurt | Rent a Flat - Wunderflats (2024)
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