Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink | (2024)

JCB LiveLink

Increase Uptime, Reduce Admin, Make Better Decisions


JCB LiveLink is an innovative telematic solution that gives you maximum control over your fleet in one place.

No more wasting hours travelling around work sites and manually inspecting machines. With LiveLink, you can remotely manage your entire fleet, and take a proactive approach to machine maintenance – so you can identify areas of potential downtime before they occur.

See the live location of your machines, pull data-driven reports, create security geofences, save machine documents and maintenance history, and set service alerts – all through one simple piece of fleet management software. Almost every JCB machine is fitted with a LiveLink unit as standard, with 3 and 5-year subscriptions available.

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Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink | (1)

The JCB LiveLink system is versatile enough to transform the way you work in many ways. Wondering how to use JCB LiveLink? Let’s take a closer look.

Smarter Tools, Smarter Decisions


Knowing your machines are safe and secure is a huge consideration for any business. With LiveLink, you’ll be able to set your operating hours and get alerts when machines are used outside of these hours, and set geofences around your sites for complete peace of mind.

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When it comes to fleet management, JCB LiveLink is here to make your job easier. From advanced analytics to scheduled reporting and safety alerts, you’ll gain access to features that help you stay in control of your machinery and sites.

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JCB LiveLink has many features that are designed to bring you visibility on the maintenance of your fleet, while saving you time in the process. With remote diagnostics, you’ll be alerted to issues before they become bigger problems – so you can keep your entire operation running smoothly.

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Make better decisions
With LiveLink, you can get a clear and consistent view of all the machines in your fleet. Real-time alerts notify you of any safety issues, and accurate monitoring ensures your machines are always fully operational, secure, and earning you money.

Increase uptime
Wave goodbye to unexpected downtime thanks to technical alerts and maintenance history data – helping you always plan routine servicing around your schedule. LiveLink Help is here to manage machine health and ensure maximum uptime and return on investment.

Reduce admin
LiveLink can help you complete more tasks in one system. View your entire fleet, schedule services, get scheduled reports, upload and secure important documents, and share equipment data with the users and organisations that need it. Plus, you can use the Operator App to carry out pre-start checks electronically, and add photos and comments to help with problem-solving. It’s an altogether quicker, clearer, and more accurate way of working.


LiveLink Lite

Fit to any asset with a 12v power feed and get key management information about where your machine is, how many hours it’s done, and its current status.

LiveLink App

Use the LiveLink App for iOS or Android to remotely manage your fleet, monitor location and receive instant alerts on the go. Download today, as part of your LiveLink subscription.

Operator App

Set customised digital prestart machine checks to improve safety and remotely monitor a machines health on a daily basis. Receive alerts for any failed checks or machines operating without a check.The JCB Operator App is included as part of your LiveLink subscription and is available to download for iOS or Android.

Rental Users

LiveLink has a dedicated rental tab to give rental companies the chance to share machine data with customers throughout their hire. Speak to a detailer today for more information and to get set up.

Maintenance Alerts

This machine uptime software enables proactive maintenance alerts and health monitoring features, so any issues are identified quickly.

Saved Documents

Save all your machine documents in your LiveLink account for easy access.

Safety Alerts

From seatbelt use to LLMC (boom overload alerts and overrides) and more, you can ensure the safest working environment with key safety alerts.

Scheduled Reports

Make sure key reports land in your inbox exactly when you need them. From idle time and utilisation to location, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, set scheduled reports for what matters most to you.

Sites & Regions

See all your assets by sites and regions to assist with site management and resource allocation.

Advanced Analytics

Get actionable insights to make informed decisions and maximise profitability. Track your fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, idle time and utilisation, plus so much more.

Mixed Fleet Integration

Integrate your entire fleet, into one centralised location. Taking data feeds from OEMs, aftermarket telematics providers & rental/contractor partners LiveLink can integrate over 22 telematic systems, so view everything in one place, without needing to log into multiple systems.

Out of hours alerts

Get alerted to machines being used outside of normal hours to flag any potential unauthorised use. Set alert schedules across your whole organisation, individual sites, product groups or down to a single asset.


Set geofences around your sites and machines to receive alerts when your machine is being used outside of set locations. View past and present machine activity - giving you full location history for a particular machine.


No matter where you are, keep your assets in sight 24/7. The map overview gives you full visibility of your entire fleet at a glance. LiveLink uses What3words, dividing the globe into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique three-word reference. This integration allows you to pinpoint your exact machine location, offering complete visibility and peace of mind.


LiveLink provides a wealth of performance reports across all machines, but some machines also have specialist reports designed to help maximise performance – including fuel consumption and CO2 data for your cost and emissions reports. It’s all about making sure you get the most useful information. See FAQs for how LiveLink works for JCB's individual machines.


Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink | (2024)
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