RuneScape Travelling Merchant guide: The best items to purchase (2024)

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For players looking to optimize their accounts, it’s important to understand the importance of dailies. Some daily activities such as Vis Wax are fantastic as a source of reliable income. However, the RuneScape daily that is by far the most valuable for both main accounts and ironmen alike is the Travelling Merchant.

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Every day the Travelling Merchant will stock four items that are available for purchase. The first slot is always the uncharted island map. This has its uses and provides a very small chance of awarding Tavia’s fishing rod, a hero item worth billions. The other three slots change every day. The easiest way to figure out both the current stock and any upcoming stock is to look at the official wiki.

The Travelling Merchant can be found at the Deep Sea Fishing hub. This is accessed by either speaking to Goomah inside of the Fishing Guild north of Ardougne or by attuning a Grace of the Elves amulet to the hub. Either way, level 68 Fishing is required to access it. An Admiral pie can temporarily boost the skill up from as low as level 63.

Unfortunately, the Travelling Merchant only spawns on certain worlds at specific times. Manually finding the merchant can take a while, so it is better to make the most of the available community tools. There is a Friend’s Chat that can help. Join it by heading into the in-game community tab, clicking social, then ‘Join a friends chat channel’, and finally enter ‘WhirlpoolDnD’. Alternatively, the Deep Sea Fishing Discord has a text channel dedicated to calling Travelling Merchant spawns.

D&D tokens

Distraction and Diversions primarily consist of a variety of activities that can only be completed every so often. Some D&Ds are daily, like Goebie Supply Runs, whilst others are monthly, like the Giant Oyster. Many of these activities provide great ways of progressing without having to invest significant time or GP.

D&D tokens allow for a Distraction and Diversion of choice to be reset at will. For example, a D&D token (Weekly) enables a player to complete the otherwise limited Rush of Blood Slayer D&D twice a week. The best D&Ds to use tokens on are Big Chinchompa, Sinkholes, Guthixian Cache, Herby Werby, Penguin Hide and Seek, Tears of Guthix, The Giant Oyster, and The Effigy Incubator.

Dragonkin lamp

Regardless of what stage a RuneScape account is at, it’s always worth purchasing a dragonkin lamp from the Travelling Merchant. The dragonkin lamp is an experience lamp that costs 250,000 coins to purchase. There are no requirements to use a dragonkin lamp. However, the experience awarded scales based on the level of the skill it is used on. If used at level 99, it will award 48,000 experience points whilst at level 60 the lamp is capped at just 10,740 experience points.

What makes the Dragonkin lamp so appealing is that it is the only method to unlock one of RuneScape‘s more prestigious pets. Every time a Dragonkin lamp is redeemed there is a 1/100 chance of receiving the Effy pet. Completion of the Rebuilding Edgeville mini-quest is required to unlock Effy.

Gift for the Reaper

In terms of profit, the Gift for the Reaper is the best item that can purchase from the Travelling Merchant. When redeemed, it awards 20 Reaper Points. Based on the current price of an incomplete hydrix, which can be purchased with 300 Reaper Points, the Gift for the Reaper is worth 4.3 million GP.

From the Travelling Merchant store, these points are available for just 1.25 million GP. By simply clicking the purchase button a player effectively instantly profits 3 million GP. For ironmen, the Gift for the Reaper is still worth purchasing as Reaper Points are required to acquire several end-game items. Examples include the Amulet of Souls, Reaper Necklace, and Ring of Death, which all require an incomplete hydrix.

Harmonic dust

Although not as crucial for the progression of a RuneScape account as other items on this list, Harmonic dust is still worth purchasing from the Travelling Merchant. Harmonic dust is used to create crystal tools. The most useful applications of this are the Crystal hatchet, Crystal pickaxe, and the Crystal mattock.

Harmonic dust can be farmed by playing the harps located in the Ithell district of Prifddinas. However, this is slow, as gathering enough dust for just one tool can take six hours. It is more time-efficient to purchase Harmonic dust to save yourself almost twenty hours of grinding.

Slayer VIP Coupon

Slayer VIP Coupons are consumable items that are essential for high-level Slayer. If at least one is owned, when a Slayer task is received the player is given a second alternative task to pick from instead. In effect, this item doubles the chance of receiving a good Slayer task. Each coupon redeemed provides between one and seven task re-rolls.

These coupons are good at all levels but excel at higher levels after an optimal block and prefer list have been established. Furthermore, Slayer VIP Coupons stack with the passive effect of the Slayer master cape. This effect gives the player a 20% chance of selecting a task of choice when a Slayer task is received. That’s a 20% chance of picking a task followed by two separate rolls that are impacted by the block and prefer lists. With all of these perks, it is unlikely that a bad Slayer task will ever have to be completed.

Unstable air rune

Purchasable for 250,000 gold, the Unstable Air Rune awards 5000 Runespan points when redeemed. Runespan is a low-intensity method of training the Runecrafting skill. Points earned from either training inside Runespan or redeeming an Unstable air rune can unlock various items. Amongst these items are the master runecrafter outfit and unstable essence.

Runecrafting is one of the slowest skills to train in RuneScape, so making the most out of this item from the Travelling Merchant is essential. Both the outfit and essence speed up the process of leveling up Runecrafting. Combined they can save hours of grinding when trying to reach level 99. This is especially important for ironmen who can’t use bonus experience to improve hourly experience rates.

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RuneScape Travelling Merchant guide: The best items to purchase (2024)
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