21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (2024)

Who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through pictures of gorgeous RV renovations?! I’m excited to share these 21 stunning RV renovations with you!

Whether you have a fifth-wheel, camper van, travel trailer, or bus, I hope you find these renovations as inspiring as I have.

There are plenty of ideas here, whether you’re looking to update a used RV or looking to make a new RV feel more like home.

Let’s dive in and check out 21 of the most stunning RV renovations!

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Luxury RV Renovations

1. @teamgrvliving

First up, we have this cozy dining room renovation to check out. How cute are those wicker chairs?! If you want to replace your dinette with a table, a table and chairs set like this might be perfect!

Another thing that I like about this space is that it incorporates plants. I love the mix of hanging and tabletop plants!

Also, they really improved the look of this room by replacing their slide trim! Don’t be intimidated by the idea; it’s easier to do than you might think.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (1)

2. @thedekkertrekkers

Moving on, we come to this gorgeous yet simple RV renovation. As you probably already know, adding a fresh coat of white paint can drastically improve the interior of a travel trailer.

But beyond just the paint, I love how they decorated this space! The throw pillows on the dinette cushions add texture, and that round mirror is stunning!

Additionally, they added the storage shelf, which looks great and provides even more space to keep things, which is important in an RV.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (2)

3. @behrnecessitiesrv

Libby has one of my favorite RVs of all time! If you’re not following her on Instagram, check her account out for tons of RV styling inspiration.

One thing that she did that I’m obsessed with is how she transformed her outdoor kitchen into a stunning laundry room!

We had an outdoor kitchen in our first RV that we never used, and I wish I had thought to transform it into an epic RV laundry space like this!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (3)

4. @bigheartstinyspaces

Sammy lived in the same 5th wheel we do, and I absolutely love what she did with it.

Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch and style to your RV, even if it’s dramatic like this one!

The combination of wallpaper, textures, and colors here is perfection, to say the least. I love colorful RV renovations!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (4)

5. @theflippingnomad

If you’ve been around the RV community for very long, then chances are you’ve heard of Courtni from the Flipping Nomad.

She is well-known in the RV space for her one-of-a-kind RV, affectionately called “The Ultimate Montana.”

This RV is drastically different than most and goes to show that you can do just about anything you want in an RV renovation. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (5)

Modern RV Renovations

6. @ourlifewebuild

Who says you can only renovate an old camper?! Brittnee and Brentt took this new fifth wheel and made it incredibly homey!

My favorite thing about this RV kitchen renovation is the combination of open shelves over the faux brick walls. Isn’t it beautiful?!

I also like how they built a custom kitchen island and put in butcher block countertops to match.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (6)

7. @wisco_flip

I love a good black-and-white RV remodel, and this one is no exception! Isn’t it cozy?! I could totally live here. One thing that really makes this space more inviting is the curtains.

If you’re looking for a simple renovation you can do that will make a big difference in small spaces, I highly recommend removing the standard RV window valances and replacing them with curtains instead!

Removing the window treatments is one of the first things we did in our RV, and it’s an easy way to improve the look of your RV.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (7)

8. @adventures_with_tucknae

Next up is our RV kitchen remodel, which makes me incredibly happy with how it turned out!

Our RV interior wasn’t dark, but it was very drab, so we decided to liven things up by painting our RV cabinets

with some color!

We also replaced the slide trim and added a custom centerpiece with our brand logo to add a personal touch.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (8)

Click below to watch our RV kitchen renovation video on YouTube for all the details on how we renovated this space.

9. @laceyautumnbrooke

I absolutely adore this interior loft space in this next RV! It’s the perfect hideout for any kiddo.

Traditionally, RV lofts usually have carpeting, so I’m guessing they replaced it with new flooring, which looks way better, in my opinion!

I also love the pillows and the darling little snake plant in the corner. They are minor changes that make a big difference!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (9)

10. @outdoorishrv

This next RV bathroom renovation was done by one of my dear friends. Didn’t she do a great job?!

I love the paint color that she chose and how well it contrasts with the sink.

And that backsplash is so gorgeous! I feel like it really gives this room more character.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (10)

11. @cascadepine.designbuild

Okay, this next tiny space has been transformed in a huge difference from the original dark & drab standard older RV.

Of course, the cabinet doors are the showstopper of this entire space! Transforming a few cabinet doors is a great way to bring personality into an RV like this.

Additionally, I love how they replaced the original RV furniture with comfier and more aesthetically pleasing new furniture. It looks great!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (11)

12. @ally_paz

This next RV kitchen renovation is darling! Once again, I love the classic black-and-white look here.

The hexagon backsplash is absolutely darling, and I love how they took it up to the slide ceiling instead of just going part-way up.

Additionally, their RV pantry organization looks great, too!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (12)

Minimalist RV Renovations

13. @chasingthecashes

If you’ve forgotten, you don’t have to paint or completely remodel your RV to make it feel like home.

Decorative pillows on a couch, wallpaper on RV walls, and homey decorations throughout work great to brighten up any RV!

In this darling tiny home, I love how they brought in lots of decorative elements to make this space feel homey. That footstool is my favorite!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (13)

14. @coolmomandcollected

I love how homey Laura’s tiny kitchen renovation is! I can definitely tell that she loves this space.

Once again, one of the easiest ways to give new life to old RVs is with a fresh coat of paint. I love the white and green color combo she used!

Also, how cute are the little plants in the window?! This makes me wish I had a window in my RV kitchen, haha!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (14)

15. @chiefwildcrew

Sometimes, you need to completely transform a space in your RV to better meet your needs.

I love how this space was transformed into such a beautiful desk area! I could work here, but I would most certainly get distracted by the gorgeous views out the windows, lol!

The shelf above the window is genius! I love how many textures and knick-knacks are in this design style. And I love the idea of adding travel or RV quotes as decor, too!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (15)

16. @spaces.by.rachel

It’s no secret that Rachel is one of my favorite RV renovators, and she completely knocked it out of the park with this minimalistic RV renovation!

She breathed new life into this old travel trailer by adding a few coats of paint and new window treatments!

RV renovation costs are usually not cheap, especially when you’re doing custom renovations. But this is a great example of how it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be gorgeous.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (16)

Boho RV Renovations

17. @agirlinadaydream

I love how Hailee uses her guitar as part of her RV decor! This boho RV is darling.

One thing I really like in this space is the peel-and-stick wallpaper border along the bottom of the wall.

And, no surprise, I also find that little plant to be darling in this cozy, tiny living room!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (17)

18. @heads.east.tails.west

Speaking of cozy, have you seen a more comfy RV dining room renovation?! I could see myself curling up in this space with a good book on a rainy day.

All of those throw pillows make me want to head to the nearest town right now to grab some more pillows for our RV, haha!

And I also really like the curtains that they chose for this space.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (18)

19. @stairsuphandlein

My friend Jen handmade this gorgeous chandelier, and wow, is it a showstopper!

This RV renovation is a great example of how mixing colors and textures can work so well!

It’s clear that she loves finding high-quality but simple things along their travels to make their RV feel more like home.

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (19)

20. @burchandbee

Some stationary full-time RVers customize their spaces to fit their needs beyond conventional RV renovations.

If you have a free wall in your RV, perhaps consider putting in custom RV shelves like these!

Not only are they practical, but they also look great! I mean, who doesn’t want a coffee bar like this in their RV?! Haha!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (20)

21. @jorydesigns

Isn’t this one of the most darling tiny homes you’ve ever seen?! I love it!

One thing that I really like about this camper renovation is that they replaced the light fixtures, which is always a good idea if you’re trying to improve the feel of a space like this.

And, of course, I love the cabinet colors they chose and the textures they added to the upper cabinets as well. Such an inviting space!

21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas (21)

In Conclusion: 21 Stunning RV Renovations & Amazing RV Remodel Ideas

I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling through this list of stunning RV renovations! Visit the social media accounts linked in this post for more pictures of each RV renovation. (All RV renovations in this post were used with permissions)

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Happy renovating!

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